Republic Police offer reward for info on dog found shot 8 times


REPUBLIC, Wash. -Police in Republic, Washington, are offering a $500 cash reward if you can help them arrest the person who killed a family's dog.

Officers say the dog, Duke, was found dead outside a shooting range, just south of Republic. He had been shot several times.

It happened last Sunday, April 8th, and Duke had only gone missing that weekend. We spoke with Duke's owner, Pearl Sigurdson, who says her family is simply heartbroken. Duke was a family dog, who loved her husband and kids. He was always happy, and loved to watch out over their property.

"It's hard on the whole family, but we have an 18 month old puppy, and I think it's been harder on her than anyone else," Sigurdson said. "She whines for him and looks for him whenever she's outside."

Sigurdson says what's even more upsetting, is she doesn't think Duke would have walked all the way to the shooting range where he was found. She says it's more likely someone took him from their neighborhood, and dumped his body.

Now, some of her neighbors have been hesitant to let their dogs outside. She says one of her friends is even tying her dog up, just in case.

If you know who killed Duke, please call Republic Police right away.

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