Ben Stuckart announces his run for Spokane Mayor 2019

Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart has announced he's running for Spokane Mayor 2019.

Stuckart made the the announcement Friday at the old McKinley School. He said he loves working for the city of Spokane and wants to make Spokane the best city that it can be.

"I wake up every morning trying to make Spokane a better city, not a new Boise, not a new Portland, or the next Seattle. Our city has too much history, too much grit and too much intestinal fortitude to waive our right to be anything but the best city in the inner mountain west."

Stuckart also addressed the need for affordable housing while preserving the history of Spokane's neighborhoods, safer streets by employing more police, sustainable firefighter staffing levels, and a higher median income.

"I want to implement and enforce the laws passed and adopted by our City Council. I want to serve as a trusted leader for the city employees who are out there catching bad guys, putting out fires and filling our pot holes. I want us to continue embracing urbanism and smart development... the projects that get people in housing and make Spokane a happening destination and permanent landing for families looking for a new place to call home. I want to protect the history and character of our neighborhoods while getting more of our neighbors in quality housing. I want to bridge the gap between landlords and tenants and labor and management. I'm ready to have and lead those conversations on what it will take to put more police on our streets and sustain our firefighter staffing levels. I'm ready to see the college-graduated in our city stick around for good jobs."

Stuckart also addressed his previous congressional run for state representative in 2016 where he dropped out, again citing personal family issues as the reason he did so.

Stuckart also said he decided to announce his mayoral run so early, to give himself plenty of time to build financial support and support from citizens for what he stands for and wants to see Spokane become.

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