Spokane neighbors help find hit-and-run driver


SPOKANE, Wash. - Mary Stolte's morning started out with a bang... literally.

For more than half a century, she's called the Franklin Park neighborhood home, but never had a close call like the one she had Tuesday morning. Stolte's neighbor saw the whole thing from out her window. 

A speeding driver tried negotiating a corner and missed.

"He locked up the brakes, plowed right into the neighbor's fence, stopped there for a second, threw it in reverse," Stolte's neighbor, Chalise Lobdell said.

The car sped off, but it wasn't exactly a clean getaway. He left his license plate behind. Luckily Lobdell and another neighbor were able to get a good look at the car and the driver.

Police talked to Lobdell and got details of what happened. While they were talking, officers learned a car that matched the description had been found nearby. Then they took her to try to identify the driver.

"As soon as they had him turn toward me there was no doubt. I was like, 'Yes. I'm 100 percent positive that's totally him," Lobdell said.

Stolte says days like this are why she loves where she lives and the neighbors she has around her.

"I thanked them. I appreciate them watching out for us and everybody watching out for everybody else. We try to do that," Stolte said.

Stolte says she's glad the driver is facing consequences for the crash and hopes he learns something from what happened.

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