Neighbors split over South Hill development plans


SPOKANE, Wash. -This 25-acre lot could be the future site of 233 homes mixed with 70,000 square feet of commercial space. Linda Warner lives a stone's throw away from the development, and she's all for it "Greenstone developed Kendall Yards, and it's a great success, and I think it would add a lot to the community.”

City Council President Ben Stuckart agrees with Linda and thinks this project is needed for the area "I am really excited, and I actually live four blocks from 29th and Southeast Blvd where the units are going to go in, and my wife and I are really excited about it," said Stuckart

But others are not so happy about the plans. Many are worried about increased crime, noise, reduced property values and the impacts on wildlife. Others say the proposed connection from Crestline to Southeast Boulevard which is one of the busiest roads on the south hill will cut their neighborhood in half. Greenstone's original plan was not to include the Crestline connector, but the City of Spokane is currently requiring it because of its inclusion in the comprehensive plan. While Linda is for the development, she is not so sure about the connector "I am not for Crestline going through, but I think that can be worked out. I think there's a better way," said Linda.

So what is that better way? Linda has a solution "If you gave people an exit out at Pittsburgh and you took that foolish divider out at 29th where Pittsburgh is and put a light in instead everything would be fine."

KHQ did reach out to Greenstone for comment, but they did not get back to us in time for broadcast.

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