Downtown Spokane security ambassadors assist visitors and residents


SPOKANE, Wash. -Walking around downtown Spokane, you may have noticed some people wearing blue jackets with the word ‘ambassador’ on the back. They’re a part of the Downtown Spokane Partnership’s Security Ambassador team.

They patrol 80 square blocks downtown to report and help out in any safety issues or concerns they come across. Businesses will also call if they have concerns too.

Chris Seim and Jesse Harkins are a part of that team. They'll check out parking lots to make sure there aren't any car prowlers, and also educate the community on how they can keep themselves safer.

“Basically our presence alone down here deters negative activity and such,” Seim says.

Seim adds they also help jump cars and conduct safety walks where they walk people, like employees, to their car at night if needed.

The security ambassadors also communicate daily with police, and relay any information necessary to police too.  

“We try to keep our eyes open and try and be there for whoever needs us,” Harkins says.

If you’d like to learn more about them,

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