Arrests for car/home BB gun shootings in Mead

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office arrested four people in connection with shooting a car and a house with a BB gun Sunday evening in Mead. 

The Sheriff's Office says a deputy was called to a home on N. Parksmith Drive near E. Stoneman Road after a person reported their home being shot at by a passing car. A small hole was found in the living room window of the home, along with two holes in the shattered rear window of a truck parked at the home, and one shot to the windshield. The witness told the deputy the suspects were driving a silver SUV/sedan. 

The deputy showed the victim a picture of a silver Chevy Trailblazer she saw parked in a parking lot on her way to the call. The victim said it looked exactly like the suspects' car. 

While searching for the SUV, the victim called back, saying the suspects returned and shot at their home again. 

Nearly three hours after the first call came in, the same deputy spotted a silver Chevy Trailblazer in the area of Market and 2nd. The SUV did not have any license plates and thinking it may be the same vehicle involved in the shootings, the deputy called for additional units to assist in a high-risk traffic stop. 

The SUV was stopped and three men and a woman were detained. 

Deputies saw multiple realistic-looking pistols and a rifle in the SUV, along with BBs/pellets and CO2 cartridges. 

After interviewing the occupants of the SUV, 18-year-old Tristan P. Hilton, 18-year-old Roshena S. Andrews and two boys (15 and 16 years of age) were arrested for 2nd Degree Malicious Mischief and Criminal Conspiracy. 

After getting a search warrant, deputies found five BB guns and a receipt showing they had just been purchased prior to the first shooting. 

Deputies were told the suspects “thought” a female in another vehicle who called them names earlier in the evening was related to a person who lived at the victim’s residence.  They drove to a store, purchased the BB/Pellet guns and drove to the Parksmith residence firing as they drove past.

(story:; image: Spokane County Sheriff's Office)

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