Hundreds of goldfish are in West Medical Lake


West Medical Lake -West Medical Lake is a trophy trout lake. Many people from all over Washington come here specifically to fish for those trout, But there's an invasive species inside this lake that is driving people crazy.

Fish and Wildlife say someone's been putting goldfish where they don't belong, “they start small, but they rapidly get big,” said John who lives across the street.

There are so many goldfish that it’s making John and his neighbors nervous "It definitely makes it hard to fish when they start overpopulating," added John

West Medical lake grows fish quickly because of how shallow it is. And it's not uncommon to see some trout reach 20 inches or more and these goldfish are starting to impact trout growth and the survival rate. They're competing for the same food source and oxygen levels in the water  "Unfortunately it gets to this point, and you know they explode exponentially, and so they start to drive the trout out from the shallower areas, and they start to take over the environment and habitat," John said.

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