Crossing guards warn of speeding drivers on South Hill


SPOKANE, Wash. -Amanda Wiles has been a crossing guard in Spokane for about a year and cares about the children she protects crossing the street at Napa and 37th on the South Hill and says drivers are going too fast "The Speed limit is 20mph for a reason. We don't want kids to get hit."

Wiles makes sure that all the kids who cross at her crosswalk get to school safely using her flag to make sure traffic comes to a complete stop "I don't want these kids to get run over  you know they're children."

But sometimes, drivers just ignore the crossing guard's bright neon flag  "I was crossing a child, and a lady barely slowed down, and the kid had already got across the street. But as I was getting back up on the sidewalk she flew past me hit my flag and almost knocked it out of my hand," said Amanda.

While Amanda and I were standing and talking about speeding drivers, we witnessed just how fast some were going. So were the Spokane police. SPD stopped multiple drivers for speeding Thursday morning. The officer was using lidar which a method used by law enforcement to gauge the speed of drivers. Lidar is different than traditional radar and is more accurate when it comes to registering someone's speed. Amanda is happy to see police pulling people over and writing them up for breaking the law "It makes me feel a lot better."

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