Shoshone County Sheriff's Office warns of "fake money"


WALLACE, Idaho -On Wednesday, March 21 the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office was contacted by a concerned citizen who found what appeared to be "fake money" laying on the ground in the Wallace area. Upon review of the item, it was found the item was was a fake $100.00 bill. 

"The bill appears at first glance to be real, with the exception of red Chinese-type lettering on both sides of the bill," the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office said in a news release. 

This is the second time the sheriff;s offices has encountered these types of counterfeit bills. After researching the items, it was learned that the bills are used for training purposes in China and other places, and easily accessed from the internet. 

"For those of you who deal with money every day as part of your job, please ensure you take all precautions and time to verify you are receiving real money and not being passed something else," the sheriff's office said.

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