Spokane's Fish Lake Trail littered with garbage


SPOKANE, Wash. -Dan Malone has been using fish lake trail for many years for running and biking. But over the winter the path has been littered with trash.Hillsides with abandoned wheelchairs to crates even entire couches.Ditched and destroyed “It's kind of a shame," said Malone.

But this pile of garbage right off Fish Lake Trail, Malone thinks this is bad “This is the biggest pile I've seen. But there are spots where you can find its an obvious campsite,” 

Last year, in 2017, Spokane Police cleaned up several illegal campsites along fish lake trail and collected a ton of garbage But Malone is not blaming the campers 

“ I understand that you know people have a hard time trying to find a place to stay, so they camp. But it would be nice if it was better policed regarding the trash. I'm not saying policed in terms of the folks because they have always been great when I come across them," 

said Dan. And he would like to see is some spring cleaning "It would be nice if it were better cared for all the time."

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