Mom searching for teens who may have thrown tires in street


SPOKANE, Wash. -Last Saturday, Larissa Warren and her 8-year-old son were driving home along Southeast Boulevard on the south hill when something strange coming at them caught her attention.

"I noticed two ties in the opposite lane of traffic," Warren said. 

Traffic was blocked in bother directions as other drivers stopped to move the tires before they caused a crash.

"I thought at first that they had come off of a car,"  Warren said.

As she pulled over, she says that's when she spotted two teens nearby.

"I rolled my window down and I hollered at them, I said 'Hey! Did you just throw those tires in the street?' and they cussed and started running."

That's when her motherly instincts kicked in. She started following the teens.

"I started snapping pictures of them running," she said, "I lose them after about 10 minutes."

Then Warren filed a report with Crime Check, and posted what happened on a neighborhood watch group online. Knowing how dangerous this could have been, Warren just hopes the pictures she was able to get will help identify the two teens.

"I hope they get found. I hope somebody recognizes them. But in my gut, they might have gotten away with it. I hope I scared them enough chasing them around for 10 minutes."

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