Spokane family searching for hit-and-run driver


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane family says they need help tracking down a hit and run driver for a crash that totaled their daughter's car.

It happened near Fifth and Maple, right by the I-90 off ramp on Sunday. "The most frightening phone call that you can imagine at 1:30 in the morning," said Dana Divine, Alyssa Genther's mother.

If you look at pictures of the crash, it's easy to think that someone may have gone to the hospital. "It literally made my stomach flip over because I'm absolutely shocked that she walked away from that crash," said Dana.

Dana's daughter Alyssa, made it out after getting hit by another driver. "It was super scary. I have never been in any kind of accident before. I was shaking and crying," said Alyssa.

Dana says Alyssa was driving on the off ramp on I-90 to East Fifth and a car that was heading south on Maple ran a red light, t-boning Alyssa. "Hit a utility pole and the cables that were supporting the utility pole and then went again, traveled back on east on Fifth without breaking, without stopping," said Dana.

Alyssa says the driver left behind damage and half of a license plate.

Several witnesses stopped to see if Alyssa was OK. "Some of them took pictures but they didn't stay at the scene. If any of those people would please call with the information, call Crime Check," said Dana.

Alyssa ended up going to the doctor but she's going to have to deal with some pretty bad pain. "Nerve pain and I have some twitching in my neck and I have really bad upper back pain and then also I just went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with a cartilage issue in my sternum so I have to wear a rib belt to keep my sternum steady," said Alyssa.

Dana and Alyssa want that driver to be found so it won't happen to anyone else. "I would like him to be prosecuted because he could have killed my daughter," said Dana.

Dana says the car is a Dodge Ram and is dark in color.

If you know anything give Crime Check a call: (509) 456-2233.

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