Parents concerned after they say threats made to their children


SPOKANE, Wash. -The parents of two students at Lidgerwood Elementary say their daughters have gotten threats from a classmate.

They didn’t want to be identified because they didn’t want to identify their children, but they say a fourth grade classmate has threatened to stalk and rape their daughter. Their main concern is for the safety of their children, but also that something needs to be done before something happens.

“He needs help. And if this is his way of crying out for attention then he needs help,” says one of the parents.

KHQ did reach out to the school district and they say they are well aware of the situation. They are currently investigating, and can’t talk about the case, but the main thing is making sure the students are safe and secure. They say that will usually involve isolating the student and supervision. They also work to get the students and the parents in a meeting together.

The district’s spokesperson adds that if anyone has a concern, they can bring it to Spokane Public Schools employees. They’ve had the training and are mandatory reporters.

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