Man puts knife to teen's throat near Shadle Park, steals skateboard


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane mother is trying to spread a warning about what happened to her son.  

What started as his everyday walk home from school quickly became a terrifying armed robbery. The teenage boy wasn't hurt, but his mother wants to find the man who violently robbed her son.

Erika says her son's skateboard is his favorite thing in the world.

"He's out every day on his board. He doesn't care if it's raining, he doesn't care if it's snowing. He rides two miles back and forth from school," Erika says.    

The 14 year old  worked to earn enough money the 350 dollar longboard.  Then just like that: it was gone. 

"How do we send our kids out to play, knowing that this could happen?"

On Wednesday afternoon after school, the 14 year old was leaving the Shadle Park Library on Wellesley when he was approached by a man in all black.

"He came up behind him, put a knife in front of his throat and told him, 'give meeverything you have.' He told the gentleman, 'I don't have anything' and the guy told him, 'well give me your board.'"    

That man then took off with the board, as the teen rushed home to tell his parents what had happened. After calling 911 and reporting it to police, Erika searched the park and posted about the violent theft online.

"I am amazed at the outpour of support from this community," Erika says. "I love it! It's fantastic."

Tonight she hopes police catch the man before he attacks someone else's child.

"I would like this guy to be found and arrested, regardless of whether our board is recovered or not, I want this man arrested. How many other kids has he assaulted?"

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