Moses Lake teens anonymously donate American flag


MOSES LAKE, Wash. -A random act of kindness, performed by two brothers in Moses Lake, is getting a great deal of attention on social media. 

On Sunday, Junior Villarreal of Moses Lake posted a picture on his Facebook page, asking for help identifying a teen who dropped off an American flag on his porch.

"...I just bought a house that has a flag pole with a old tore up flag still on it and wasn't gonna change it out until the weather got better but this kid was kind enough to stop at my house and leave a new flag on my door knob yesterday," Villarreal writes. 

 On Saturday, Villarreal tells KHQ that he noticed a garbage bag on his doorstep. Inside the bag with an American flag. Curious where it came from, he reviewed his security camera footage and noticed it was a gift from a young man he didn't know.

Villarreal said his existing American flag on his property was tattered, and realized that this flag was a replacement for him. Villarreal tried to solicit information on who this kid is via Facebook, eventually learning his gift game from 18-year-old David Phillips and his 16-year-old brother Luke. Villarreal reached out to David on Facebook, thanking him for the gift. He then asked if he could repay him, but was told that it wasn't necessary. 

The teens were traveling through Villarreal's neighborhood when they noticed the flag. The boys went home and told their mother about what they saw, suggesting getting a new flag for the home’s owner. After some debate, Luke pulled his American flag off his bedroom wall and offered it up as the home’s replacement flag. Later that afternoon, the brothers hung a garbage bag with the flag in it on Villarreal's front door.

The Phillips are a military family. David’s and Luke’s grandfather served in the Air Force, and other extended family members also served in the military. 

“With all the negative news about school shootings, it was a really nice to see a teenager do something like this,” Villarreal told KHQ. 

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