Music to his hears, disabled vet gets vintage stereo back


SPOKANE, Wash. -"Music is my life"

That's what one local disabled veteran told KHQ. He said he especially loves vintage stereos. That's why he was so devastated when he couldn’t get answers from the repair shop that currently had his property. He said, "Help Me Hayley," and within hours, Hayley personally brought his property back to him.

"My faith is first," said Doug Gifford. "Music is second."

It hasn't been the easiest of years for Gifford, but his old friend music always pulls him through even the darkest of days.

"I couldn't imagine my life without it," he said. "It's my entertainment. It's my socialization."

Gifford especially loves anything vintage. He said he couldn't' believe his luck when he tracked down a vintage receiver.

"It looked like it just came out of the box, but it was built in 1975,"he said.

He said it played great for months, but eventually needed some repairs. That's when he arrived at Southwest Electronics. He told KHQ when he dropped it off, the owners weren't there but the man who leases them their space was. That's who he spoke with.

"He said I don't know when they'll be here," Gifford said. "I said that's fine, I'll leave all my information and when they are here, they can give me a call."

But nearly one month later, no call. And worse than that, Gifford couldn't even leave them a message asking for an update.

"All you get is a recording that goes to voicemail, it says it's full," he said. "I've been driving by a few times a week too. If they don't want to deal with it fine, I just want my receiver back."

That's when he said "Help Me Hayley," and she made sure he got exactly that. Hayley went down to the shop herself. Gifford's property was right on the front counter where he left it. Despite it being in plain view, untouched, he couldn’t' get it back without the owner's consent.

Hayley called the listed number for the shop, but also was notified that their voicemail box was full. She refused to give up and finally found another avenue to connect with the owners.

Minutes later, she picked up the stereo and delivered it to an overjoyed Gifford.

"I'm just so grateful," he said. "Thank you!"

The owner's told Hayley there were dealing with some health issues and that's why their response has been delayed.

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