Idaho couple overcome by carbon monoxide

Fire department units from Coeur d’Alene and Kootenai Fire and Rescue responded Thursday night for a possible cardiac arrest. When crews arrived on scene they found that two occupants had been overcome by carbon monoxide (CO). A man and a woman were found in their home by family members after the couple had missed a doctor’s appointment earlier in the day.

Crews found CO levels over 280 ppm on the main level and 356 ppm in the basement. At these levels the two would have become disoriented and unable to evacuate in just a couple of hours.

Crews removed the two individuals from the home and began life-saving measures. Unfortunately, the woman could not be revived. The man was transported to Kootenai Health and was later flown to Seattle for further treatment.

Avista was called to try to identify the cause of the carbon monoxide. At this time the CDAFD does not know their findings.

The CDA Fire Department and Kootenai Fire and Rescue would like to remind anyone who uses a fuel fired heating appliance such as wood, propane and natural gas to ensure that they have working carbon monoxide detectors on each level of their home and outside of sleeping rooms.

Like smoke detectors, CO detectors should be tested monthly, have their batteries changed twice a year and replaced entirely after 10 years of use.

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