Business owner explains how to live, work, and thrive with construction


SPOKANE, Wash. -The Monroe Street project is officially a go. On Monday night, the Spokane City Council approved the first of two contracts to cut the stretch of road from four lanes to two.

Some business say they'll lose customers when the construction starts but the city says in the end, they will have more sidewalk space and street parking which should make it worth it.

We talked with a business owner who has actually been dealing with a different project for a little over a year now and has some good advice: have a good attitude.

Outside Studio One, located on Sprague, you can see and hear the construction. Owner Terra Coulter has made it a part of her daily life. "Loud noises, kind of just restructuring the front, figuring out how to get people in the door," she said.

The construction project that's happening right outside her doors is making way for a brand new park. She's remained positive because she's looking forward to the aftermath.

In the moment, it's been a little tricky finding parking. "We have lost a couple of our hairstylists and then in order to bring some in, initially they will look at the parking outside and they are considering their clientele that they have to bring here and so it's been really difficult," said Coulter.

However, she's got no complaints. You can still access Studio One. Coulter says the city even gave free two hour parking for clients along Cedar. "Our clients have been really loyal," she said. She says she's also had great communication with the company itself that's doing all of the construction work.

She's been following the Monroe Street Project too and knows construction can be difficult for business but attitude makes a difference. "Your personal attitude has a huge effect on the people that you are interacting with. If you are going to be bah humbug about it, that really rubs off on your clientele. Yeah it's not easy but just look at the aftermath and what that's going to do," Coulter said.

She thinks in the end, the Monroe Street Project is going to attract more people to the area. That project could kick off as early as April.

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