Family has message for thieves after son's hockey gear is stolen


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane family just wants their message heard after some crooks stole their seven-year-old son’s expensive hockey gear.

Tracy Wagner says the break in likely happened on Wednesday night. On Thursday, they noticed that the seat in their truck was pushed all the way back and there were items scattered all over the truck. She says the thieves took whatever they could find – a DVD player, an iPod, and her son’s hockey gear.

“Tanner was in tears the night he found out all his stuff was gone,” she says. “He was afraid actually. He didn’t want to go to bed.”

She says the reason why she wanted to speak out is because she wants the thieves to know that everyone has a story.

“You're stealing from people that have stuff going on and that makes me upset,” she says.

For her, it’s been a tough three months. She’s had surgeries, and has been recovering from them. This is just an added stress.

Tracy says they did purchase a used set of hockey gear for Tanner so he can continue to play in his games, but they also hope that others are vigilant and make sure everything’s locked up.

This happened on North Upriver Court near Spokane Community College. If you know anything, call Crime Check 509-456-2233.

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