Riverfront Park to re-open Ice Ribbon in early March

Riverfront Park crews and contractors continue to work to re-open the Ice Ribbon after a mechanical flaw was detected in one of the ice-making components. The goal is to re-open ice skating in early March.

A vessel that held ammonia – key to forming and maintaining ice – developed a crack and needed to be replaced. In addition, a test of the entire refrigeration system was completed to ensure the damage was confined to one vessel. This full review took an extra week, but was an important step to ensuring a soundly-operating system.

A new vessel was manufactured and has been installed. It will be safety tested and inspected early this week.

If the new vessel clears testing and inspection, and weather cooperates, Riverfront Park could begin making ice as early as mid-week. The ice-making process takes at least 4 days.

The repair was under warranty.

The city will share another update when the ice-making process begins.

(story & photo: KHQ.com)

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