No charges for mother of baby found in freezing car

We have new information on the baby left in a cold car that we told you about Thursday. The mother will not be facing any charges because a police report was never made.

Windy Delandro came across the baby and snapped a picture, telling us she was shocked at what she was seeing. Delandro says she saw what looked like a six-month old sitting in her car seat, car turned off, tears streaming down the little girls cheeks. The mother was inside the Rite Aid at 29th & Regal shopping. She did eventually show up and Delandro says she confronted her.

"I told her it's like five degrees outside, we don't leave infants in the car, unattended, especially in this kind of weather," Delandro said.

Delandro wasn't sure how long the baby was in that freezing car. It could have been five minutes or fifteen. We wondered: how long would it take before hypothermia could set in?

According to the National Weather Service, in 10 to 15 degree weather, it would take about half an hour for an adult's body temperature to dip to hypothermia levels. For a baby it's much faster; more like 15 to 20 minutes.

Police tell us that there is no law in Washington state that says you can't leave your child in the car when the car is turned off. It is, however, illegal to keep the car running.

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