Idaho lawmaker not backing down after heated exchange


MOSCOW, Idaho -State Senator Dan Foreman isn’t backing down from comments he made to a group of University of Idaho students and members of Planned Parenthood.

Emily Carter, the President of Generation Action at the University of Idaho, says they weren’t there to discuss abortions.

Instead, they were there to talk about two pieces of legislation 12-month birth control and more sexual education classes on college campuses in Idaho.

“It was just really disheartening to hear that he didn't care about what his constituents had to say,” Carter said.

Carter says leading up to the now viral video; they set up several meetings with lawmakers in Idaho, Foreman being one of them.

When they arrived at Foreman’s office, she say Foreman saw the group, turned around and closed the door.

“When we got there they told us he was meeting with someone else about seatbelts,” Carter said.

Disheartened, she says the group left the capitol building, got lunch, but went back to hopefully catch him in the hallway.

They saw him, asked to speak with him then this happened.

“He turned around and said 'no, you're with Planned Parenthood, I don't want to meet with you' then one of our members said 'sir, we're your constituents and then he said 'I don't care'."

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