Family searches for driver who hit, injured teen crossing the street


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane teen is recovering from a hit and run crash where a driver drove into him and then took off.  

Avery Plank founded and runs the charity "Project Unconditional Love," a project that gives dog and cat food to homeless people so they can feed their pets.   

While he helps others every week, tonight he's the one hoping for help.    

The accident happened hear near Columbia and Magnolia, just a few blocks from Whitman Elementary School in the Nevada Lidgerwood neighborhood.

On Tuesday afternoon, plank was walking home... As he was crossing the street here at the uncontrolled intersection in his neighborhood, he was blindsided by a speeding car.

Instead of stopping, Plank says the driver of the car took off, leaving him laying in the street.

"He ran off right away," Plank said. "I was limping and hurting."    

Plank then called his dad who rushed him to the emergency room.   

The 15 year old suffered possible damage to his kidneys and a torn ligament in his knee, meaning he'll be on crutches for the next few weeks. 

"I'm disappointed in whoever did this," Plank said. "At least stop and check."   

Plank tells KHQ that this won't keep him from his charity work. 

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