Search continues from man who fell into Lake Coeur d'Alene


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -The search continues for a missing north Idaho man in the cold waters of Lake Coeur d'Alene. Deputies say Larry Isenberg fell in the lake Tuesday while out near Powderhorn Bay.

On Wednesday Kootenai County Marine Deputies got ready for a 10-hour search of the lake.

“It's a very large search area that we have and so it could take several days to cover all the area that needs to be searched,” Detective Dennis Stinebaugh said.

Crews are searching for any signs of Isenberg, the 68-year old who fell in Tuesday morning and seemingly vanished.

Deputies say they are returning back to Powderhorn Bay with SONAR to cover approximately five miles of lake bed that’s close to 130 feet deep.

“It's a side-scan sonar technology, there's a device that they pull with the boat and it takes images of the bottom,” Stinebaugh said.

The SONAR system looks like an anchor, but it’s used as a tow and deputies in the boat can see the bottom thanks to a small camera.

Stinebaugh says even with the cold and choppy 38-degree water, the tow will be able to spot someone.

“A little bit of chop like what we see today won't negatively affect the search at all,” he said.

Stinebaugh added that it appears Isenberg was not wearing a life jacket and it doesn’t matter the season, you should always wear one.

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