A 9-year-old's quest to become a world champion


Rocksie Marchand may look like an everyday 9 year old: Playing basketball for Wilbur Elementary school,  being a big sister to her younger siblings, and a kid out enjoying the seasons... But put her on her horse Roo, and it’s clear to see this beauty was born to ride.

Since the age of 3 Rocksie has been competing in many rodeo events.  She has won hundreds of ribbons and buckles and a trophy almost as tall as she is.  

Now at just 9 years of age she’s already the 2017 World Champion Ladies Barrel Racer at the Indian National Finals.

She’s even caught the attention on Governor Jay Inslee, a rider himself who made a comment that Rocksie can teach him a thing or two.  

Today she is on the road to Texas to compete for National Champion in the American Rodeo.

Rocksie has a chance to win a million dollars.  Let’s all root her on by following her on her Facebook page, Rocksie and Roo.

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