Would-be burglar busted in Spokane Valley

After they received a call of a man cutting a fence behind the Maverik store at Broadway and Evergreen in Spokane Valley, deputies arrived within three minutes and detained two men. They subsequently arrested 29-year-old Adam S. Bauch for second degree attempted burglary.

Just before 4 a.m. on Wednesday, a citizen reported two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and cutting the fence behind Maverik. The two men arrived in a white car and one of them entered the store.

Deputy Lorenz Mina, and several additional deputies, arrived within minutes and interviewed two men matching the description in the only white vehicle in the parking lot. The men were detained while the incident was investigated.

During the investigation, after being read his rights, Bauch admitted to cutting the fence with a pair of pliers with the intent to steal copper and/or brass from the Vera Water and Power property, but he never made it through the fence. He said he called the other man to meet him and give him a ride. Bauch said he didn't tell his friend exactly what he was doing.

The second man denied any involvement with the attempted burglary and told Deputy Brandon Cinkovich Bauch called him for a ride. He went into the store and bought some items while Bauch stayed outside.

Deputies observed only one set of footprints leading from where the vehicle was parked to the fence. Through their investigation, they were not able to determine probable cause to show the second man was involved in the crime and was released at the scene.

Bauch was booked into the Spokane County Jail for attempted burglary.

(story: Matt Pusatory, KHQ Local News Web Producer, KHQ.com; image: KHQ.com)

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