Spokane man stabbed over custom pool cue


SPOKANE, Wash. -A 52-year-old man is in the hospital after he was stabbed by people who wanted to take his custom pool cue.

Police say the victim was on his way to Moezy Tavern on Monroe when he was approached by three people who tried to steal his cue. He refused to hand it over and was stabbed twice near Ash and Grace, he then walked about a half a mile to the bar, where police and medics were called. 

Officers on scene say thankfully his wounds weren't very deep, and medics say he's in pretty good shape. He's in stable condition at the hospital Monday night.

"It's really unfortunate, and I'm just very, very thankful that this man wasn't more seriously hurt," said Sgt. Tom Lee with the Spokane Police Department.

Officers say they're looking for three suspects who got away in a green Jeep. The victim told police there were two men and a woman. He said he didn't know his attackers. 

Spokane Police say despite the fact that this appears to be a random crime, there is no danger to the public. Police say they think these people saw the victim and wanted to take advantage of him.

"Unfortunately, nights in Spokane are getting more dangerous. We're just having more and more calls with guns and knives and it's keeping us quite busy," Lee said.

If you know anything about what happened, you're asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.

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