Police looking for suspect after downtown shooting


SPOKANE, Wash. - A man is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries after being shot on the corner of Sprague and Jefferson right outside KHQ in downtown Spokane early Tuesday morning.

The shooting was actually captured on KHQ's security cameras. Around 12:30 Tuesday morning, video shows a car driving north on Jefferson, turn west on Sprague, stop at the corner and shoot a man on a bicycle. There appears to be two people in the suspect vehicle, a driver and a passenger. 

The car then continues west on Sprague, leaving the victim on the ground but due to construction and Sprague being closed, the driver made a u-turn on Sprague and flipped back around. The car then turned right on Jefferson, heading south, and then headed east on W. First Ave.

The victim was conscious and alert and could be heard screaming when he was transported to the hospital. He has since been intubated at the hospital. 

Authorities believe this was a targeted shooting that may have started as a drug deal.

Police were not able to determine the make and model of the getaway vehicle and they have no suspect description. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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