Idaho celebrates Learn to Skate Month


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -Kids and adults of all ages laced took to the ice to learn how to skate at Frontier Ice Arena in Coeur d'Alene, "We're just exposing as many people to this awesome sport. It's a lifelong sport and have a lot of fun with it," said Moe Herr Director of Figure Skating for Lake City Figure Skating.

Members of the Lake City Figure Skating Club were also in attendance. On Saturday, they were giving advice on how to skate to anyone who wants to learn,  “We're just going around helping the kids that need help or if they ask to learn something we are going to be trying to help them," said figure skater Emily Dodd.

The clinic was free of charge in honor of the Olympics, and national learn to skate month. Hundreds of people of all ages showed up to learn how to skate or just get a few laps in on the ice. Emily and some of her teammates also showed off their impressive skating moves. But for her teaching the little ones to skate is very special "It's so fun just to see them accomplish the things that you accomplished and when the little ones see you accomplish something it makes them happy because some of them look up to you as their idol," said Dodd.

You can learn to skate at any time during the year at frontier ice arena during Tuesday's or Saturday's for more on skating lesson information click here.

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