Flu, strep throat hit Spokane hard


SPOKANE, Wash. -It's the worst flu season on record in Spokane County, with the number of cases still climbing this weekend. the Spokane Regional Health District says 430 people have been admitted to area hospitals with the flu in Spokane County alone and statewide, it's killed 132 people. But it's not just the flu keeping doctor's offices swamped. Local pediatricians say this has been a chaotic year.

"We have had everything come in at one time. Usually there's a season [for each illness]," said Kim Resleff with Grand Pediatrics, "Now we're seeing everything come to play at one time. Kids are sick out there."

Strep throat continues to plague family after family. Grand Pediatrics is seeing at least one case every single day. It's extremely contagious, making frequent hand washing your best defense tool. But doctors also say there's something you need to do in your bathroom to help protect your family.

"If you have a sick family member, change the tooth brush after 48 hours and keep the tooth brushes separate. That's an easy way to share germs around the house," Resleff said.

In addition, doctors also recommend frequently clipping your child's fingernails to eliminate bacteria. And if they're sick, keep them home and allow 48 hours for antibiotics to kick in.

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