Spokane Police take 'super drug' off the streets


SPOKANE, Wash. -Over the weekend Spokane Police made a big drug bust "We believe and this will be confirmed by the drug lab testing the heroin we seized out of this arrest was laced with fentanyl. And looking at some of the experts and chemist that tell us how much more powerful fentanyl l is than heroin that's clearly a very dangerous mix,"

During several undercover buys, Spokane Police got a search warrant for this house in Browne's Addition  and what the amount of heroin they found inside shocked them "We seized about a pound a little over a pound as well as 20,000 dollars."

One pound of this nasty drug is approximately 4,500 doses on the street. But if it's laced with fentanyl the high is way more intense. It's 50 to 100 percent stronger, and one dose may be enough to kill anyone that tries it "We have just started seeing some in smaller quantities," said Captain Arleth.

The fentanyl and heroin are coming from Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. After being trafficked across the border. And just those little amounts are driving big increases in crime. As addicts scramble to get their next fix, “We have seen a noticeable increase in the last 18 months of heroin in the possession of people who we are arresting for property crimes, stolen cars, and other various crimes such as burglary and robbery,” said Captain Arleth

Captain Arleth says anyone can get hooked “The reality is addiction is an equal opportunity disease. So we have seen everybody from people with chronic pain issues from construction accidents all the way to people who have had a lifelong addiction to various substances probably acquired by the effects of having a parent with an addiction.”

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