Suspected drunk driver nearly hits house in Spokane

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A man has been arrested for DUI and other charges following a crash near Crestline and Bruce Monday night. Neighbors who live nearby say they were almost hit and are still shaken up about what happened.

Zeph Strandy was out for a walk with his dogs when he witnessed the accident.

"If it weren't for the pole and the sign he definitely would have probably would have ended up in the corner of the house," said Strandy.

Strandy said he witnessed the white pickup barreling down Lyons on Monday.  "I was down there at the dog park and all of a sudden I see this white truck go flying by me. So I ran out to the road down there and I go, talking to myself, 'that dude is not going to be able to stop for Crestline area.' He nearly hit my house,' added Strandy.

Strandy was right. The Dodge pick-up truck lost control, crashing into another pickup that was headed southbound on Crestline. The impact was so intense Strandy's roommate felt the house shake.

"You could just feel the whole house just shake. It was so hard."

Washington State Patrol says that two people were taken to a local hospital with injuries. They believe the driver of the white pick up, 42-year-old Justin Smith had drugs and alcohol in his system at the time of the crash.

But Strandy is just happy that the stop sign and the fire hydrant in front of his house were there to keep the truck from going into the house "This one was pretty crazy. You don't see that very often that's for sure."

Smith is currently in the Spokane County Jail booked on several charges including resisting arrest, reckless driving, vehicular assault, and DUI.

(story: Peter Maxwell, Reporter,; photo and video:

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