Coeur d'Alene boy fighting cancer gets surprise from heroes


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -The writing is on the wall at ABCD Daycare in Hayden: Every child has a story.

In Landon Hill’s story, the struggles he and his family have endured over the past year have been more than some families will ever go through.

“A week later after being in the hospital and test after test, he was diagnosed,” Madison Hill, Landon’s mother said.

In 2016, Landon was diagnosed with stage four Mesostatic Neuroblastoma, cancer that forms in the neck, chest, and adrenal glands.

But he’s a warrior, and an honorable Kootenai County deputy; Landon was sworn in December of 2016.

We fast-forward a year, and Landon is enjoying pre-school at ABCD Daycare.

It’s Disney Day Tuesday, his classmates all with their Mickey ears on and their best Disney character costumes.

Including Landon as Woody from the movie “Toy Story.” But the fun is just about to begin. His buddies from the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office and Northern Lakes Fire District surprised him with something special.

“So Landon,” a firefighter read, “here it is, off to DisneyWorld you go!”

With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Landon and his family will go to DisneyWorld this spring but not before he took a spin in a fire truck.

An exciting day, and Landon’s mom, Madison, says she’ll be forever thankful.

“It's the outreach from the fire department, the sheriff's department, local businesses that support childhood cancer,” Hill said, “it's people that you would've never met before but are now considered some of my closest friends."

Landon is getting better; his mom says he’s currently in a stage where there is no evidence of disease, or NED.

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