Local woman cleans camp and posts sign


SPOKANE, Wash. -A local woman is taking action and is trying to get the City of Spokane's attention to help the homeless.

A viewer sent us a picture where you can see a pile of garbage and a sign on top of it that reads, "City of Spokane Take Care of Your Homeless."

That pile of garbage sits outside the Old Liberty Park located on Third Avenue right by the Office Depot.

It's a beautiful park when you walk by that's set on a hill but if you've never actually walked in it, you would probably never notice what's happening inside. "It was covered with garbage. There were needles, condoms, human feces," said Robin Brazill.

Brazill drives by the Old Liberty Park constantly. She's a local photographer and wanted to take pictures of her little daughter at the park because it looks like a castle but couldn't. "Every step I took, we were in something. I couldn't even put her down," said Brazill.

So Brazill took matters into her own hands. Brazill, her husband, and a friend spent Super Bowl Sunday cleaning up trash, while snapping pictures of what they were seeing. "To live like that in that kind of filth where you don't even have a bathroom to use, you don't even have a garbage can to throw things away and you are just living in filth upon filth in a park is sad," she said.

Brazill says this is our city's history being torn apart. She says rocks are being plucked from the structure inside the park to make fires with burnt bibles and drugs are being left behind.  "It really gave us perspective as to who lives here and just putting no camping signs up, I don't think is the solution. We have to figure out something else and figure out how to help the homeless community," she said.

Brazill took the trash and put it on the sidewalk with her group to prove a point, and wrote the sign that said, "City of Spokane Take Care of Your Homeless." "If we didn't do something about it and put it in front of the city's face, then I think it would just continue going ignored," said Brazill.

She's hoping the trash and the sign will bring awareness so that maybe more people will do something.

We checked in with a city spokeswoman about this on Sunday and she says code enforcement will send out a litter crew if they get complaints or are aware of the situation. They'll check on Monday as to whether they have worked in the area in the past.

If you spot or have a problem like this and you live in the city of Spokane, you can call 311 and report it.

The city spokeswoman we talked to also wanted to extend their gratitude to Brazill for cleaning up the Old Liberty Park.

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