Car tagged with vulgar, racist graffiti at Kendall Yards


SPOKANE, Wash. -A car that was left parked on the side of the road in Kendall Yards was tagged over the weekend with racist and vulgar graffiti.

Calvin Carter and other viewers messaged us about this. Carter says he was getting ice cream with his girlfriend and friends when they saw the car with the c-word and n-word tagged on either side of the car. People who live around there say the words appeared Saturday night.

Carter says seeing those words hurt. “To see it on a car in public it just really rubbed me the wrong way…because my dad grew up picking cotton in St. Louis, MO. He always told me stories. He's the one that educated me to hate that word…the derogatory nature of it,” he says.

The car’s windows are busted out and there’s a boot on the car as well. As of Sunday, the car hasn’t been moved, but plastic garbage have been taped onto the car to cover the words.

Carter says this kind of hate is unacceptable.

“Whoever did it, shame on you,” he says. “I think they should feel bad. Don't do that. Spread love. Don't spread hate.”

The city of Spokane says the policy on boot and tow is “two business days for the register owner to pay all fees and fines associated with four or more citations in collections. We have to strike a balance between treating the owner fairly and public decency.” 

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