Missing Spokane Valley dog reunites with owner


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -A Spokane Valley man's dog went missing after a hike near Dishman Hills on January 9th. He says a stranger contacted him trying to scam him out of money to get his dog back.

Shiloh was found but with someone else!

Owner Kon Shiva has Shiloh back now. His backyard doesn't feel empty anymore. "Brought her home and happily ever after," he said.

Shiva says he missed a call the other day about Shiloh. "It was a gentleman calling. A younger fella. He said, 'Oh I have your dog' and I said, 'OK.' He said, 'I had him for two weeks and I didn't know she was missing!'" said Shiva.

Shiva needed proof from the teen, especially since a similar situation happened when a series of text messages of someone claiming to know where Shiloh was, turned out to be suspicious.

The teen told his story to Shiva and gave him proof. "He said that they were at WinCo getting some stuff and they were loading food in the trunk and she came up and jumped right in the trunk of their car and (did) not want to get out. They said she was kind of dirty so they brought her home, brushed her out, and cleaned her up and homed her," said Shiva.

Shiva says it wasn't until the teen took Shiloh to Dishman Hills for a walk when he saw the missing dog posters for her and that's when he called Shiva. "If I did not have the posters all over Dishman Hills park, it might have been another two weeks or two months," Shiva said.

Shiva says he's happy Shiloh's back and that he's learned from this experience too. "We chipped her immediately," he said. He'll be keeping Shiloh close.

If you want to get your dog or cat microchipped, the cost depends but it can be as little as $20. 

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