Man holding disturbing sign scares parents outside library


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane mom saw a sign on Wednesday afternoon that made her and her daughter cringe “My kid was disturbed she thought it was gross and creepy and she really felt like he didn't have the right to do that,” said Betsy. 

Betsy said the man was laughing and smiling while holding the sign that had a disturbing message on it that read, “I’m so deep inside your kids Spokane.” And for Betsy that was just too much "For me, my child goes to Shadle. I know most of the kids in this neighborhood. I was seeing kids that I knew walk through the intersection and have to walk past him as he held assign that I view as inappropriate and was showing it to the kids that are in my neighborhood and my community."

In the video, the man is standing on the corner of Wellesley and Belt with a grin on his face parading the sign showing it to students walking by and to cars driving through the intersection. Betsy was disturbed enough that she reported it to the local cop shop.

Spokane police told KHQ that they would like to find out who this person is because of his odd behavior. And even though the sign is offensive police say "It's not illegal," and Betsy understands that “I feel like he has the right. You know he has a first amendment right to show that sign, but we have a right to spotlight that and let him know we don't feel comfortable with it.”

Spokane Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Check (509) 456-2233.

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