Sasquatch found...on WA license plates? Maybe

Washington has many specialty license plates recognizing the military, colleges, sports teams, hobbies, and organizations. A few lawmakers want to add one more specialty plate to the mix: Bigfoot. 

Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, is proposing to put Sasquatch on license plates in Washington next year, with the proceeds going to Washington's public parks. 

Under the bill, license plates bearing “a symbol or artwork recognizing the cultural significance of Sasquatch in Washington history and folklore” would be sold starting in 2019.

The cost would be $40, plus regular fees related to issuance of new plates, with $28 of the total going to Washington State Parks. After the first year, the cost to keep the license plate is $30 in addition to tab renewal fees, with $28 going to the agency.

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