Man arrested at North Spokane assisted living home

handcuffsThe caregiver at a North Spokane County assisted living home was surprised to find an unknown and peculiar acting man in the home's living room area. 

According to Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies, the caregiver was assisting someone living in the home when he heard the front door close.  He told deputies that he thought it was strange because he hadn’t received a phone call advising of a new client.  The caregiver cautiously walked into the living room area, where he found 28-year-old Casey J. Barbour.  He asked Barbour what he was doing, and Barbour muttered something about a car problem.  In an attempt to coax Barbour into leaving the assisted living home without escalating the situation, the caregiver offered to go outside and help with the problem, but Barbour would not leave.

After a minute or two, Barbour began to walk toward the door, but turned into the kitchen area and lingered around the sink.  With Barbour’s odd and detached behavior, the caregiver kept his distance and waited for an opportunity to call 911 without Barbour knowing.  As he walked back into the front room, he heard the door close again and saw Barbour standing near a white truck parked in the front yard. 

When deputies arrived, they noticed a white Ford F250 pickup parked in the yard, completely blocking the sidewalk in front of the home, and partially blocking the roadway. Deputy Brent Miller asked Barbour about the pickup, but he refused to answer. 

A check of Barbour’s name revealed an unrelated active misdemeanor warrant for reckless driving.  Barbour was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for the warrant and, lacking any known intent to commit a crime once inside the residence, with an additional charge of Criminal Trespass 1st Degree.

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