Coeur d'Alene man sentenced for deadly punch


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - One punch, that’s all it took to end the life of a young north Idaho father over the summer, after a 21-year old sucker punched him outside a bar.

“She had to say goodbye to her father hooked up to tubes,” Crystal Mobbs said.

This is part of our interview from back in June 2017.

Mobbs, Jeffrey Marfice's fiance, and Lauren Richards, his ex-wife, reflected on Marfice, and what they endured in the last 24 hours.

“She (Marfice’s daughter) got to make her father's day card in the waiting room of the hospital,” Richards said at the time.

Fast-forward six months, and we’re back in court.

On Tuesday, Tyler Finlay was sentenced for the death of Jeffrey Marfice.

Mobbs, Richards, and several others of Marfice’s family read impact statements.

Finlay also spoke, saying he was sorry and that he never intended for this to happen.

After a lengthy sentencing hearing, the judge recognized Finlay was remorseful, but what he did is something he’ll have to live with.

Judge John Mitchell said to Finlay “you made a series of decisions while on unsupervised probation to go out and drink and get drunk, you found trouble and didn’t walk away from it. You hit Marfice and ran.”

Judge Mitchell sentenced Finlay to 15 years, four of which he will serve behind bars. After the four years behind bars, Finlay could be come eligible for parole.

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