Fatal N. Spokane crash raises some intersection concerns


SPOKANE, Wash. -Following a crash near Division and Cozza that left one person dead and another in critical condition Friday night, some who live and work in the area are concerned.

Say-Yeda Monae works at the corner of Division and Cozza and says that people will cross the street wherever they want sometimes doing it the most dangerous way possible.

"Some people jaywalk, and they will like to hop across and get to the little island, and then try to go across. I mean, that's probably not the smartest idea when the roads look like," Monae added.

Police say two people were crossing Division, not at a crosswalk, Friday when one person was hit by a car. Another person then ran out into the street to help but was also hit and died at the scene of the crash. The other person remains hospitalized.

In 2017, The Washington State Department of Transportation reports that there were eight fatal accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists in Spokane. And Division was one of the hot spots where these accidents occurred.

Say-Yeda isn't a stranger when it comes to seeing accidents on Division.

"Yeah Division is pretty dangerous. I'll never walk alone during the night."

Spokane Police are continuing to investigate this accident, and both drivers are cooperating with police.

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