Level 3 sex offender moves near two Spokane parks

Randi Daniel Raney HobbsThe Spokane County Sheriff's Office would like to alert the public that a level III sex offender has moved in the area of Mission Park and Chief Gary Park. Randi Daniel Raney Hobbs just moved to the 1800 block of E. Desmet Ave. (between Pittsburg and Magnolia Streets) in Spokane near Mission and Chief Garry Parks.

Hobbs was charged with Rape of a child in the first degree in 2004.

Hobbs also goes by Randall Stewart Wagar and Randall S. Wager. He is a white male, 31 years old, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Spokane County Sheriff's Office are just notifying the public and want all to know this individual has served the sentence imposed on them by the courts. HE IS NOT WANTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AT THIS TIME. THIS NOTIFICATION IS NOT INTENDED TO INCREASE FEAR; RATHER IT IS OUR BELIEF THAT AN INFORMED PUBLIC IS A SAFER PUBLIC.

Law Enforcement has no legal authority to direct where a sex offender may or may not live. Unless court ordered restrictions exist, this offender is constitutionally free to live wherever he chooses.

(story: KHQ.com; photo: Spokane County Sheriff's Office)

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