Feel the rage: New Spokane business is a smash hit

Rage Spokane

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Remember the famous scene from the movie Office Space? The scene when a group of disgruntled workers take an old printer out to a grass field and go to town with a baseball bat?

A new business in Spokane is giving you a chance to live out that dream.

It’s called Rage Spokane.

“We thought this was a way to bring something unique to Spokane,” said Owner, Blake Crossley. “It’s something that hasn’t been here before.”

Crossley got the idea after watching videos from a rage room in New York.

A few months and thousands of glass cups, plates, and electronics later, Crossley had a business.

“It’s a fun experience,” said Crossley. “If it breaks, we have it.”

Crossley says the concept is simple: You sign some paperwork, fill out a questioner, watch a safety video, then get dressed in protective gear, pick out a destruction tool of choice, and rage.

“We have TV’s, fish tanks, and toilets,” said Crossley. “You can even pick your own music selection.”

Crossley says you can go in just to blow off a little steam, or just to have fun.

Rage Spokane opens on February 5. The cost is $25 for a starter kit, which includes 30 breakable items. You can pay extra to get a crack at a TV or computer monitor.

Crossley also says some of the proceeds from the cost go toward helping victims of domestic violence.

You can learn more about Rage Spokane by visiting their Facebook Page or web site.

(story: Joe McHale, KHQ Local News Reporter; video and photo: KHQ.com)

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