Spokane woman searching for 'angels' who helped save her life


SPOKANE, Wash. -A local woman is on a mission looking for two men who appeared when she was desperate for help, but then disappeared. She was driving on State Route 26 southwest of Ritzville when she crashed.

The Spokane mother is searching for the two strangers who she calls angels. They stopped and helped save her life after the bad crash in the middle of nowhere.

Alejandra Llamedo will never forget the night of December 19. The 26 year old was heading back to Spokane from Yakima with her 3-year-old daughter after picking up her stepson, when suddenly she lost control on some black ice.

The car went off the road, rolling multiple times before coming to a stop on its side, miles from anywhere.

Her daughter and stepson amazingly were uninjured and able to get out of the car, but Alejandra was bleeding profusely from her head.

That's when two strangers rushed to help and stayed with the young mother and her kids until emergency crews arrived. The two men left before she could thank them and now she's hoping to find the two men she calls godsends.

If you know who the men are, contact Patrick Erickson on Twitter or Facebook

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