Spokane Valley Elks Lodge ransacked by vandals


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -The historic Elks Lodge up on the hill in Spokane Valley is the new target of vandals over the weekend.

Double-pane windows that are seven feet wide by nine feet tall were knocked out with a rock the size of the boulder at the Elks Lodge in Spokane Valley, but that's only the beginning.Inside is a different story."It looks like a bomb went off in our lodge," Evette Wilie said.

Chairs flipped over, glass everywhere, historic Elk antlers were sprayed by a fire extinguisher.You name it, a group of vandals destroyed it Sunday evening.

"It hit home when they took our American flag and threw it over the hill," Wilie said. Wilie works as the Inner Guard at the Elks Lodge in the valley.

She says whoever did this doesn't know the affect it has, not only on the lodge, but the community the lodge serves.

"They are taking away from the children, the veterans, Vanessa Behan Crisis center and the many many charities that we contribute to in the community," she said.

What the vandals didn't take or destroy too bad are pieces of history."We have furniture that dates back to the early 1900's custom built for our meetings," Wilie said.

Now the building, Wilie says, has to be guarded by security when they are gone.The Elks are also in the process of moving things out and finding a new home.

But Wilie, like many other members, are still in awe of the damage.

"It's quite shocking," she said.

Anyone with information is urged to call crime check or the Spokane Valley Police Department.

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