EWU Police investigating sexual assault case

EWU Police badge

UPDATE: Monday 1:54 p.m.

Eastern Washington University Police say they eliminated the person of interest named "Antoine" as a suspect in the sexual assault case. 

EWUPD says they are still investigating and urged anyone with information to contact them at 509-359-7676 or call the anonymous tip line at 509-359-4286. 

Previous Coverage:

Eastern Washington University Police are looking for the man responsible for the sexual assault of a female student over the weekend. 

Campus police sent out a release Monday morning saying the assault happened on or near the Cheney campus early Sunday morning, likely in Morrison Hall. Police are looking for a non-student named "Antoine" as a person of interest. 

Anyone who may have information on this assault please contact EWU Police at 359-7676, or call the Anonymous Tip Line at 359-4286.

EWU Police provided the following safety tips:

Crime victims are never at fault for being victimized.  Perpetrators alone are responsible for crimes and their effects.  EWU Police offer the following suggestions that may help reduce the possibility of experiencing a crime:

  • It is a crime to intentionally touch someone without his or her consent, regardless of the situation.
  • Bystanders should try to be aware of their surroundings, and if there are signs of a person in distress, bystanders should make themselves known and offer assistance if it is safe to do so, and/or seek immediate help from police.
  • Every person and situation is different; survivors must decide for themselves what actions or responses are safest in any situation.  If someone attempts to grab you, you have the right to yell “NO” loudly, or do whatever is necessary to get the person to let go, and flee to a safe place and seek help.  When safe, try to remember as much as possible about the person’s appearance and behavior.
  • Students may contact EWUPD for an on-campus safety escort (509.359-7676).
  • For emergencies, or if you see a crime being committed, call 9-1-1.  To report suspicious, illegal or unusual activity on campus, call EWUPD at 509.359.7676.

Resources Available for Survivors

  • Dean of Students –  509.359.7924
  • CAPS (counselors on campus) –  509.359.2366, 225 MAR
  • Title IX Coordinator –  509.359.2021
  • Lutheran Community Services Crisis Line (24/7) – 509.624.7273
  • YWCA Domestic Violence Crisis Line (24/7) – 509.326.2255
  • First Call for Help – Suicide (24/7) – 509.838.4428

(story: KHQ.com; image: EWU Police)

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