VA plans to return to 24-hour emergency care


SPOKANE, Wash. -Nearly 30 years after serving in the Gulf War, 61-year-old Lee LeTeff is fighting a different battle: She wants better access to health care.

“My back, my neck, my hips, my knees, my ankles, my elbows, and my wrist,” said LeTeff. “Every joint hurt if I move it past a certain point.”

LeTeff is one of the countless veterans whose health needs require care from a Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

For LeTeff, it means getting in a car and driving from Moses Lake to Spokane.

“It took over three and three-quarter hours to get here,” said LeTeff. “The bombs didn’t stop falling at 6 o’clock, why should the doors to our emergency services be closed at 6 o’clock?”

Due to a physician shortage, the Mann-Grandstaff VAMC hours were reduced in 2014. The 24-hour Emergency Department transitioned into an Urgent Care Center operating from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The hospital also stopped accepting patient emergencies via ambulance.

But according to a spokesperson with the Mann-Grandstaff VAMC, the VA has since recruited and hired new physicians, including a new Urgent Care Center director and is anticipating a return to 24-hour care sometime this year.

It’s unknown exactly when that will go into effect. It’s also unknown if the VA will begin to accept patient emergencies via ambulance once again.

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