Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy stops suicide attempt

police lightsSunday evening, Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Sheriff's Deputy Brad Humphrey was driving through the parking lot of the Airway Heights Walmart when his attention was drawn to a vehicle parked on the far west side.  As he drove toward the vehicle, he noticed a dryer hose attached to the exhaust pipe which ran into the open trunk. 

Deputy Humphrey parked, approached the vehicle and saw a man covered with a blanket, reclined back in the driver’s seat.  All the windows of the vehicle were rolled up and the rear passenger seat was folded down, exposing the trunk, allowing the exhaust fumes of the running vehicle to enter the passenger compartment.         

Deputy Humphrey advised dispatchers of the information and requested assistance.  Airway Heights Fire Department and Airway Heights Police Officers responded quickly to assist while Deputy Humphrey tried to wake the man.

Several persistent raps on the window, yelling, and the bright beam of a flashlight finally got the attention of the man and he rolled the window down.  Deputy Humphrey unlocked and opened the door allowing the exhaust fumes to dissipate.  Although conscious, the man was disoriented and was provided medical attention.

After he was taken into protective custody for further treatment, he thanked Deputy Humphrey for contacting him.

This situation could have ended tragically if Deputy Humphrey wouldn’t have noticed the vehicle and contacted this person in crisis.  Spokane County Sheriff's Office would like to remind anyone who is feeling depressed and thinking about harming one's self, there is hope and resources to help you:

  • National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-Talk (8255)
  • First Call for Help (509) 838-4428
  • Walk in to any Emergency Room
  • Call 911

(story and image: KHQ.com)

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