Spokane special education teacher scammed at school


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane woman says she experienced a call that nearly cost her $1,000, but that's just the beginning. She's a teacher and the scammers actually called her school and got patched into her classroom where she teaches children with special needs.

Sally Canton got a phone call from scammers claiming there was a warrant out for her arrest for missed jury duty. She says the caller told her to put the phone down and tell her boss she had a family emergency.

"He was threatening arrest for federal violation," Canton said.

She also says scammers claimed to have tracked her car, and even texted her saying she'll be in jail if she didn't comply. Canton says she left school, went to Rite-Aid and put money on a MoneyPak card. But that's where she began to notice it was fishy.

"At this point, I thought this is ridiculous," Canton said.

 Canton says when she started to notice things get weird, she hung up and called the police. Spokane Police says they will never call and say there is a warrant out for your arrest. Canton says she hopes others will learn from what she almost fell for.

"How dare they ruin my day with these kids and their education, all of that. It's just very frustrating."

Spokane Police also say the best thing for people to do is to ignore the call in general and if it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.

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