Spokane apartment complex residents wake up to vehicle prowling


SPOKANE, Wash. -A group of neighbors at an upper South Hill apartment complex had a rude awakening.

“There was glass on the ground. There was debris on the ground from this car that was stolen,” says Greg Bryan.

He says he got a call from his fiancée around 5 or 6 in the morning saying that his car window was smashed in. As he walked outside, he saw his neighbors walking around too. Then, he found out that not only was his car broken into, someone stole two cars that were parked next to him.

Bryan says one of the car owners tried chasing after the thief, and was almost run over. Bryan just doesn't want to see this happen again.

“It’s not the first time,” he says. “I had someone try to break into my car about a month ago and car alarm went off and I came out and my neighbors chased the guys off.”

He is so thankful for his good neighbors that he’s become friends with. He says the more people know about the issue, the more people will know to look out for one another.

Spokane police is investigating these incidents. If you have information, call Crime Check 509-456-2233.

For more information on how to prevent vehicle thefts: https://my.spokanecity.org/police/prevention/

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